March 13, 2008

New Japanese name

When I came to Japan, I was given a hanko (personal seal) that was printed 久鈴. I turns out that kurei (Clay) is one possible reading of this name. I usually just go with katakana when I write my name, but sometimes I wonder if I might have opportunities to switch to my Japanese name on occasion. One hurdle is most Japanese people don't know how to read this combo. Another is I can't decide if "long-ringing bell/bell of the old story"* is cool or not. So I think 久嶺 (ridges of the old story/long-lasting peaks) might be better.
What's your Japanese name? I remember long ago I did a plug-in memeish thing to get a name and shared it here on the blog. After I got to Japan I learned it was a girl's name.

*:A couple approximations of meaning one could conceivable make up; ultimately there is no meaning.