March 30, 2008

Obligatory what are you doing Clay answer

The time has come to make a "today I ate a sandwich" entry. Actually, come to think of it I had a turkey sandwich the other day, which was exciting because there is almost no turkey in this country. Unfortunately, it was smoked turkey, which apparently tastes exactly like ham. I took the sandwich back to the stand where I bought it to double check that it wasn't ham. They swore it was.
But that was a large sandwich digression. What I am up to: I am currently looking into language schools. I am most likely going to one in Saitama that the mysterious James helped me find. There are a couple cheaper schools, but most never replied to my email and I am a bit weary of calling directly. Cause my language sucks. So I am wondering if I can really pull off an 1kyu this year. Gotta decide by the time I fill out my application. Today was supposed to be a super-burn-through-my-Anki-deck day, but I got distracted by Google reader and youtube. So I ended up unsubscribing from a bunch of stuff.I also would have liked to go on another long bike ride but the weather was preventing it. Photos later.
I am also having a complicated love thing, but am quite content to leave it be. Cause I need to study and get a visa and apply to schools.
Shout-outs to Steph and Jon for bugging me into a sandwich post. More shout-outs to thehill88 for inflating my ego. I need that in uncertain times.