March 21, 2008

Simple request/Help!

Japan, when you write words, would you please choose to write them in either all kanji (barring okurigana) or all kana? 絵はがき can lead to a bit of confusion, and looks silly to me. What did the brat have to do with the picture? Oh...
Got this response back from a language school which I've tried to interpret, but I'm not sure what they are going on about. I want to switch to a student VISA, so that's what I wrote them about. Do you have a better interpretation?:
Why is it thought to be impossible to go from work to school, pretell? Are you talking about my VISA inquiry?
This one is odd. I have to have a guarantor from Chiba-ken? You don't believe I have money, or is this a bit of VISA advice?
Okay, I would think you are used to dealing with student VISA questions, but I'll try to find these people.