March 17, 2008

Rollplaying in the inaka

I don't know if I invented it just now, but the non-standard spelling "roll-playing" should be used to avoid confusion when asking friends if they roleplay.
As you can imagine, the country-side affords no opportunities for roll-playing, but I may be getting some foreigners that are interested; I talked with some new people the other night.
D&D and roll-playing have a following here (well not here but elsewhere in Japan). There are transcripts of game sessions published and widely read. Even manga and anime have sprung up from D&D sessions (more here).
I am quite excited about 4th ed. D&D; a bit of a shame Gary Gaigax died recently and couldn't live to complain about it a bit. "In my day, we didn't have Cheetos or mountain dew and we liked it!"
Here's some exhibition game character sheets for the new edition. I kinda miss sorcerers for flavor reasons...