June 16, 2008

A few funny Japan/Asian pics

This picture is so perfectly melodramatic! "I can use it this much for free you say?! A moving English study site" I try to make jokes with this flavor all the time, but whooosh! Over their heads.

Someone, I beg you, tell me where in Japan this restaurant is.

I get the impression that everybody else considers her hat to be funny. Gotta zoom this one.

I know this is in Japan somewhere as well, but even I can't imagine the road being built so incompitently.

Degree of look-a-likeness: 100%. My 1st graders call me Mr. Satan instead of Mr. B. Or Mr. X or H.

I threatened the making of Japanese LOL cats a while ago, but these are all I got through.

I couldn't be bothered to find the originals or give credit.

And the child-speech I choose as a LOL-speak equivalent hurts my brain.