June 23, 2008

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Are the words of Thoreau I believe (I think we could do with one less simplify in there though). While I would love nothing more than to live in a wabisabi little house in the woods, I must bust my chops soon as I move to Saitama and become a student again. The TV is not going with me. And I think the wii must be sold off. I love it, but I don't use it enough to justify it's existence. I've had no motivation to do wii fit either.. I may still buy a wiimote to play emulated games with via Darwin. But it's gonna be hard to find someone willing to pay a fair price for all these games. Other things I may try giving up for as long as standable include internet and cell phones. Doubt I'll get far without those. I'll always find ways to blog though.
This video fits into this post better than the last one: