July 24, 2008

Free internet?

Seems to good to be true, but once I messed with my settings for a few minutes, I found some YahooBB wireless bandwith lying around. Who knows how long it will last.
Double yabai, for the net is a distraction to my much-needed studying. I got put in the "special" 1kyu-2kyu class. This was based on my score on a test, which was all 2kyu. But I haven't been studying 2kyu since last year! Oh well, best to be a well-rounded lingual monkey, but my chances of passing 1kyu this year look grim. Gotta pay for the sign up tomorrow anyways.
Speaking of everything costing tons, the apartment downpayment and first couple months came to over $1,000, and I keep making trips to the dollar store, which is, let's face it, barely a dollar store. Today a friend took me to look at used furniture. It's expensive, but not as much as new. Still. I may buy this new couch-bed anyways, but I am pretty nervous about money. Haven't even payed tuition yet.
Here is my attempt to be friendly to the shoe-saleswoman