July 11, 2008

Shame on all

Shame on all who thought that I was the least bit attractive in 2005 or earlier. I just found a few pictures of me on the school computer (while looking for documents I want to save for future English teaching blunders endeavors*), and I looked so... weird. Giant shoulders that spanned the entire room, a somehow-small head, and hair that looked really greasy and didn't work for me at all. Plus a goofy grin as usual. Somehow I've changed, at least I hope so. And I at least look better than the other ALT, whose pictures were in the same folder. I deleted mine, lest my many political enemies use them to pull an Obama on me.
ALT before me, it will require a fee to have your's deleted. Can you take the risk or having these things seen? Can you take... the tee hees? I'll send you my swiss account number.
*: If you are interested, I am collecting the pages in this Google document. You will soon realize one thing if you go there: I always made things way too complicated.