July 5, 2008

The Leaver's Party

Yesterday I had tons of visa drama. Let me just say I will be cutting things close, people. I have an intricate tourist-backup-visa plan, but at that point I am probably just going to ask for a ticket home, because maybe no country is worth this many loop-jumpings.
Anyways, our JETs got together en-mass one last time at a hotel buffet. I realized that this year I know people not much at all. My location is an excuse for some of that, but I think it is mostly the effect of three years of new people coming in and forming their own mini communities and kind of going under this veteran's radar. So as for all the people I really, really want to see one last time, well, I think that we will get together. Someone mentioned their high school ten year reunion coming up. I wonder if I'd even want to go to mine...
One complaint: nobody voted for me for the karaoke freak awards. Have they not seen the playlist? Oh wait, I just outlined above that these people and I don't really see each other. Speaking of singing, all the Americans got together at the flags and sang the star-spangled banner. I actually felt patriotic. I bet the other JETs wished that they could be an American.
I had a dream about a past relationship today; no doubt triggered by thoughts of what has happened over the last three years. It had an interesting, happy ending, but then I woke, and, well... reality is not the dream.