March 10, 2009

Followup: Fire

  • So I found a video that explains, a little better than I did, albeit in Japanese, the story I described about fire and KKK-lookin' white robes with pointy hats. We get to see a sword too.
  • I have been playing on a recently and cheaply acquired PS2. It is a crappy yet addictive game because of the pokemon-esque gotta collect'em all nature of sword collecting.
  • I am still unclear on the rules surrounding owning katanas or guns in this country...
  • I've had boar meat a couple times in Japan. The first time, the old man feeding it to me said he shot the boar in the mountains.
  • I ran into a boar herd in the mountains once. T'was awful frightnin.
  • Also, the news story reminded me of when I did the coal walk.
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    1. That coal walk was awesome. I'm about due for another. My spirit could use some cleansing.


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