March 13, 2009

Way of the Samurai

This is a pretty cool show from a wider BBC series on martial arts from the 80s. Divided into a four-part youtube playlist, I give you the story of a man following the way of the warrior (武士道). In part three, we get to see the sword master casting "spells" by writing mantras. Fascinating stuff.
So I got the iPhone. The deed is done, and I am locked in for a three year contract because of my student discount* (I can always buy my way out, but...). I'm pretty happy, but am weary of hidden costs popping up. We will see. And I will see if a playlist can be viewed like a normal video on an iPhone shortly, when I get on the train to head to another Danny Choo blogger mingle party thing tonight.
*If you too go to a language school you can get a 学割 just like me!