March 9, 2009

iPhones are Cheap in Japan Now (Kinda)

I was trying to decide if I should buy an iPhone. Softbank has brought the price down to about 5,000 yen a month (they advertise 4,000, but there are always hidden costs). Right now I think I can afford the two year contract. But who knows where I will be tomorrow? And the economy is bad. Maybe English-monkey is still a safe job. But I am a free-lancer. That is the opposite of secure. But the cool apps! Think of the apps!
And so it went...
My friend called me "優柔不断" (yujyufudan) when he heard me moaning thus. Why? Let's have a yoji breakdown to explain:
The breakdown for 優柔不断
優: gentle
柔: soft
不: lacking
断: decision
優柔: indecisiveness (only seems to be found as part of this yoji)
不断: indecisive
collective gloss: wishy-washy, flip-flopper, indecisiveness
Rarity: Not too uncommon (Google hits: about 900 thousand)
Part of speech: 形容動詞 (na adjective)
So I'm pretty sure that I have decided to get the iPhone. Ostensibly for the improvement to lifestyle. Oh, I feel little resolve though...
As I was searching around for uses of this yoji, I saw this video which reminds me of another 優柔不断な私にとって (for the indecisive me) hard decision. Whether to get a bunny. I've waffled about it on the blog before, in a post about bunny-related Japanese slang.