March 17, 2009

Yama Udo and Bulgur

I have never knowingly seen 山うど before, but I caught sight of some in the store last night and tried them out. It was pretty good. I cooked them like onions and mixed them with something a hippy friend gave me, called bulgur, which I never really knew before either, and made a really unique and tasty dish. Then I took a pic, so, bam:
Unfortunately, I am now out of bulgur, which is a shame considering I can actually cook it correctly.
I may have a job blogging somewhere soon. And like get payed for it. But speaking of my websploits, here is my coverage of CGM night the third at the Probe.
Also, someone was concerned that I don't write about myself here enough anymore. I found it kind of amusing...

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  1. Hello, thats an intresting post. I am Turkish and we eat Bulgur as a staple just like Rice. My mother cooks it for me, it tastes pretty dry when cooked plain.

    Try this recipe out, its the traditional way of cooking it:

    Bye now.


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