March 16, 2009

Karaoke Practice: White is the Color of Lovers

I promised to follow up a previous karaoke post with another one about foreigners singing Japanese songs, so this is a followup to that promise. There isn't much info on the duo of Chris and Betty, but I believe they are a couple Hawaiian girls that picked up a bit of language from immigrants. Actually, I am trying to get an interview with one of them, but so far haven't heard back. But I am sure their experience must have been fascinating. So here they are, singing a song that is great, recognizable by natives (impression factor!), and easy to sing. Also good for duets!

Once again, if you know of other foreign singers that made it big in a karaoke-able way, let me know! I guess I have to do Jero soon...
bonus track: a nice Western version in English by Hayley Westenra