February 13, 2009

Karaoke Training: Foreigners Singing Japanese Part 1

Previously, I discovered that The Nolans had some connections to the J music scene.
We'll get to that at the bottom of the post. For now, apologies, but I can't find the lyrics to the version of the song in this video, which despite being sung by The Nolans, is in Japanese. Anyways, it's as catchy as the original, so enjoy, imitate, and impress your J friends (if you can find it in a karaoke machine).
It seems The Nolans were really popular in Japan, thus going to the trouble of making Japanese versions of their song(s?) and vice versa. Here they are on a Japanese awards show, winning grand prize.
Request to Dear Reader: If you know of other performers who sang their English songs in Japanese too, or vise-versa drop me a line.
Next time, I will feature a couple Canadians... as long as I can find their video again.
So some Nolan covers of Japanese songs:
なんてったってアイドル became Rockin 'Rollin' Idol
DESIRE became Desire
フォギー・レイン/恋のハッピー・デート became Gotta Pull Myself Together
淋しい熱帯魚* became uh... 淋しい熱帯魚
And so on... They did a lot of Japanese stuff.
*That vid link on the bottom left has particularly choice 80s fashion.