February 27, 2009

Live Action Astroboy

If you dug the nostalgia and corniness of a recent post, you will dig this too. It's a live action Astroboy.

I choose this part of the episode because the consternated face of Testsuo when he get's arrested really amused me.

Here's the beginning of that episode, if you can stand the cheese.

If you want to see another Osamu Tezuka series that mixes his animation with live action, I suggest バンパイヤ (Vampire). Here's the OP:


  1. I think all of my henchmen will have to wear a big Z on their uniforms from now on... :)

  2. what would the Z stand for? so few z words out there...

  3. Claytonian,

    Thought you may find this link interesting as you have been covering the Japanese Obama craze (you may have already seen it though).


  4. Thank you. Already saw it on Koichi's site (the first commenter); I wonder who the geeklogie guy is...


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