February 3, 2009

Pics from the Japanese News: Who Let the Deer out of the Bag?

All these articles are from Japanese new sites, for the purpose of helping us learn Japanese. Today, I think I will put all the links in the pictures to see how it feels. So click pics to read/see more. Feedback welcome.

Nagasaki--A deer fell and got into a pinch! Poor thing! Video at the original article.

This is an おたふく, or moon-faced woman. She is associated with luck, and showed up a couple days ago on this blog, so you may have already guessed that this is another Setsubun story. In Kure city, people are passing through her mouth to take some luck with them. The shrine has been doing this for eight years running, and there is still time to drop in for a visit with the lucky tonsils.
Also in holiday news:

Kyoto--Setsubun activities happened here as well, were maikos (apprentice geishas) threw beans at the crowd. If you want to learn more about maikos and their business, may I recommend Maiko Haaaan!!! (amazon, subtitled), a very odd Japanese comedy.

There was a volcano eruption recently; ash fell on Tokyo and other parts of Kantou I hear. However, it wasn't too bad. There are of course articles with pictures, but I thought the kids wearing masks to keep from inhaling ash was interesting too; usually masks are for allergies or working when you should be staying at home.

Bonus vocab: I saw an article use マグマ for magma, but it seems you can use 岩漿 too.

Bonus eruption: Scientist were predicting a mountain in Kagoshima prefecture would be seeing some action too.