February 17, 2009

Purportedly Drunken Japanese Minister Resigns, Aristocracy has a Toast

This is one of those posts where I link to Japanese articles with bigger pictures, that I summed up for language practice (mine and yours).

Shoichi Nakagawa is the sensational story of the past few days, having appeared to be a little drunk at a press conference at G7. He claims it is his meds, but will resign anyways. I think if he would have waited one week, everyone would have forgot, but maybe I underestimate the power of Niconico Douga.
[sad face][Fending off the press][English article]

Meanwhile, the new aristocracy (a manzai duo by the name of Hige Danshyaku, or Bearded Baron) became the spokesmen for a tax return company. Tax forms seem to be blue [*], so that's the reason for their blue drinks. Their catch phrase is "Renaissance!"[article]

So here's a vid of them in their natural setting:

bonus vocab:
ろれつが回らない is slurring (like a drunk), and ironically hard to say especially if conjugated.
発 seems to be a counter for jokes.
[*] Oh crap, not only have I never seen a blue form, but I have a feeling I may have to file one this year! I hate being an expat sometimes!