February 16, 2009

Japanes Slang: I like when you call me big papa

パパ came from English long ago, and is used by young kids to mean papa or daddy, as you would expect. But in modern society, it has taken on a slightly darker twist. Perhaps we would say "sugar-daddy" in English? *checks the internets* Well Wikipedia seems to agree and even references what I was about to mention: 援助交際 (enjokousai, compensated dating). Yeah, if the dirty old guy has money, the young girl has the time; a variation on the oldest profession. I find it interesting that the pic I found, displayed above, seems to indicate that the old man is jolly and the girl is the one with an evil expression. I think in really life it's more like, old man: lecherous look, girl: distressed/disgusted at what she is doing for the money to buy a designer bag.

One restriction: If the guy is not middle-aged or if he is near the girl's age, then papa won't be used in this sense.