February 2, 2009

Pics from the Japanese News: It's cold!

Talk about your extravagant affairs! Fireworks above, snowboarder and skiing teams doing tricks, and about 2000 candles made this one event I would love to go to.I guess I need to find out where this "Zaou onsen" is first... Yamagata city somewhere...[article]

This is a wedding procession, or kind of a historical reenactment/ we plan to get married procession. The lucky couple plan to tie the knot in September. The slay was accompanied by about 20 people through 12 kilometers of snow, after which they got out, prayed for a happy marriage, and partied down. [article]

This ice mushroom appeared over a lake due to ice first freezing above a tree trunk in a lake, which gradually lowered to reveal the "stem". [article]
I would love to live in a place like this some day.