February 17, 2009

Followup: The World of Rouraa [classic Japan video]

I recently posted at Japan Probe about a new video by Peter Bjorn and John featuring those dancing Elvis guys that everyone sees in Yoyogi park in Tokyo. But I wanted to know a little more about them[1], including what the heck you call them in Japanese. A reader delivered the term ローラー in due time, and I was able to find out a bit more thanks to that.
Also found this interesting video. I wonder if this will send a ping to backtrack on JP so the Probers[2] can know; I suspect a lot of them lurk here anyways.

This was during the 80s, when the people doing this were still young. The announcer seems to be talking a little funny; rolling his r's and such.

[1]I never bother to hide my ignorance; I ain't proud, and you find out more that way ;-)

[2] Probers is my special name for the readers there. It will never catch on. Anyways, backtracking has never been written into the html here before now, but I added it to the code to see if anything will change...