April 29, 2009

Classic CM Collection 1

Within this video is a mashup of CMs from long ago in this video series. I'll be posting a few of them, in a digestible schedule.

Some observations (just opinion, I've no claims to know the facts):
It's not really interesting until 1:39; I'll program it to start there. I think that bear is drunk.
I wonder when the switch to Western clothes really happened. I have a feeling the people may just be formalizing their wear for the commercial.
I think the product about 6 minutes in is like that nori-jelly I tried.
The men back then sure liked their Hitler mustaches.
Around 7:30 may be one of the first commercials to capitalize on what would later become the love of cute things in this country.
The gum commercial is rare for being "drama-like," and it also made me wonder about eyebrows. It seems that maybe it was fashionable to have manicured eyebrows in that era, but something happened during the 80s that made girls go natural...
Well, it's golden week now, so I'll be gone for a bit...

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