April 16, 2009

White Crone: 10th Anniversary of Juon

Hey haven't done one of my "Pics from the News" in a bit, but like a curse, these posts will always pop up.

Tokyo--This is a scene from the promo event for the 10th anniversary celebration of the first Juon, which came out direct-to-video in 1999, as well as the latest movie in the series, 呪怨 白い老女, perhaps to be translated as The Grudge: White Crone--I've never liked the translation of Juon as "grudge;" it's more like "curse-grudge." Heck, I think Juon is a made up word just for the movies, so why not use it in English? The actors seem rather detached from the horror before them. [Japanese original/bigger pic]

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