April 7, 2009

Japanese CM: Regretful Monkey

Below is 反省ザル (monkey reflecting on his conduct). I had reason to use the same pose today, when I forgot to bring my textbook to class. "反省!(Regret!)" I said dramatically, just as in the commercial.

This monkey, Jiro, was apparently all the rage back in 1991, and even performed in the US. I discovered him because of Trick. The show had Yamada do the pose in season one and it tickled me though I didn't know what she was doing; I didn't find out what it was called until I read the novelization. I really recommend it for Trick fans that want to learn Japanese and enjoy the best J-drama on a whole new level!

You can buy the same book by clicking the above link. Used copies are usually only 1 yen.
Obligatory YouTube video for Trick-curious here.

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