April 27, 2009

Gaming in Japan Followup: Buy the Book!

I would be remiss as a totally pro blogger if I didn't try to line my pockets with a link to buy the Record of Lodos War (mentioned last time) in it's original novel form.

Only one yen, usually.
There, now the gaming week is pretty much done.
Oh but I kinda want to share the monster I made for yesterday's Saitama Session of D&D. You can math it for whatever level you need. As you can see, it's not a very standard monster. I love how 4e lets you do this.

Clinging Wraith, the spirit of someone that just couldn't let go. Ever.

Dwarf, light me on fire if you have to! Just get it offa me!

Cling (move, at will) The wraith may teleport 6 squares provided it ends in an opponent's square. When it enters the square, it makes an attack VS fortitude. If it fails, it is ejected to the nearest open square. If it wins, it partially shares the target's defending space (save ends and ejects the wraith as above). The wraith may not be marked while occupying. Any powers that attack and miss the wraith are automatically redirected to the occupied creature, and if it passes their defense it affects them instead. Any ongoing conditions of the wraith are also suffered by the occupied creature, and vise versa, but neither may save for passed on conditions.

Gripping Aura: Any creature that begins it's turn in the wraith's space takes 5 necrotic damage and is weakened.

Dig in (standard) If the wraith is occupying a creatures square, it may make an attack VS FORT to make the target immobilized (save ends).

Pull Strings (standard/special)(this move may be used as an interrupt any time the wraith would be able to make an opportunity attack) The wraith may force the occupied creature to make a melee attack using any weapons it has (including fists etc. as improvised weapons) and/or force the creature to move at its speed.

Like Every Bad Relationship: When the Clinging Wraith is reduced to 0hp, if it was occupying a creature's space, that creature becomes cursed and the wraith sticks to them, undetectably by mundane means, in a dormant state. Enjoy.

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