April 22, 2009

Roll-playing in Japan: Finding People

One of the hardest things about gaming in Japan is finding people to do it with. There is some luck to be had with craigslist and meetup.com, and the forums at Wizards have a section for people searching their local area.
I signed up for a site that is basically the Mixi of TRPGers in Japan (TRPG is the standard acronym used over here) called TRPG SNS. The language barrier along with normal weirdness that comes with navigating a Japanese site is a high wall to cross, but I am trying. It would be great to get some bilingual gaming going on...
Here's a little vid explaining (in Japanese) the service.
But hay, this post is boring as is. Why did I foolishly choose to make this RPG week on the blog? I know what will save me, Chinese gamers! Actually, this video makes me feel like I am at school-- what with the Chinese language, copy write infringement, and hot nerds and all.

I'll let you know if I find any Japanese peeps brave enough to storm the proverbial keep that is gaming with foreigners.

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