January 11, 2008

Dear neighbor, stop trying to raise my cats, please

Okay, I know you are lonely and retired, old man. But you have been feeding my cats something that makes them sick for a while. Like they were puking and diareaing around before I left for Tokyo, and they are still doing it. And the main x factor is your doting self, cause I haven't changed brands of food.
And the other day, when I whistled for the cats and they came running from your yard as usual, I got curious. So I went and looked and saw that you have made a house for them in your yard. That is creepy. Don't do that.

So I guess I will say something like that tomorrow.

A while back I tried to start a language-exchange blog with my now-ex-girlfriend. It didn't work, because she doesn't care about anything having to do with me (a wonder we broke up, huh). Anyhoo, that system was primitive anyways. Lang-8, however, is beautiful. Line by line corrections, internationalization up the wazzo, and tons of Japanese people willing to grammatically show me what's what. And who knows, maybe even a place to find a new girlfriend *wags eyebrows*. No? Okay. Anyways, if you sign up let me know and we can be friends, but please don't correct my posts unless you are native level.