January 24, 2008

Life is like a video game in Japan

Today I didn't feel like going to my usual doctors, which are a drive away. But I have a cold in it's third week (yes, I have been properly having vitamin C and zinc, so don't anyone be a-lecturing me), so I decided to walk to an office by the fishmonger's place.
My doc was a small, ancient, close-talking hunchback; looked like Igor. Cute! I felt sorry for this place, while ambivalently concerned what they would do for my health and bemused by the circumstances. It took him five minutes to do my blood pressure.
"It's pretty low. Are you stressed at work?" This is pretty standard doctor small talk really.
"Uh, that could be it..."
Then I got tons of pills of various kinds, which is what I really want at this point. Throw pills at it! Actually, the Dr. Mario way does seem to be the Japanese way, so not a surprise the game exists.