January 31, 2008

Money and enlightenment

Thought aggregate post go!
Talked to the guy that handles my mutual funds. Right now they are worth less than what I payed by a bit (I had made hundreds on them after a short time last year). Thanks US economy. He recommended something about money markets or something. I dunno. It's more complicated. How to not be poor should be a mandatory college class, instead of that university living class most people took. Still, thinking of shipping some money back since the yen is relatively up. Don't exactly know if it's worth it, cause I may need that money if I decide to go to language school in Japan.
Was talking with teachers about reincarnation at lunch today and if you change sexes and whatnot. Most of them believe in it, but are not too versed on how it happens. I mentioned a Buddhist belief that there are five parts to the soul, to which one replied, "sounds like Dragonball!"
Then I tried to describe a bodhisatva, and how maybe they don't get reincarnated (?)
teach: "Oh that's too bad"
me: "Well, the thing is life is hard, so you wanna escape"
teach :"Oh yes, there are things in life that are no good. Like bad movies."
Saw a boy's notebook today. On it, he had written "Engelsh 英語."