January 7, 2006

Hot cocoa recipe

Hey, if Benny can post cooking things, then so can the great and humble moi. Now I know that you're probably saying, "Clay, I thought cooking was only for attractive people, much like yourself," or, "but Clay, 67% of my body is covered in burns." Too true. But this recipe is so simple, even the homely and burned can do it (consult your doctor or plastic surgeon before beginning a new diet-cooking program).
Actually, I'm not even going to post the recipe. The real purpose of this post is to inform you that the best way to stir your hot-cocoa is with chopsticks, or as my Japanese brethren call them, poison tipped darts without poison. It sounds more elegant in Japanese. Seriously, chopsticks are much better than a spoon, because they scape the chocolate off the bottom of the mug.
Bon appétit, ugly.