January 5, 2006

Pray for us (okay, mostly for him)

I have lost something. A large chunk of my lower retainer (to clairify, I am not referring to my squire; he is quite whole except for missing some of his larger intestine due to the dasterdly deeds of Erik the Black--I'll get you yet ERIK!).I mean the thing that keeps my teeth straight. I can only guess that it broke in my mouth and I swallowed it as I slept. We'll know for sure if I feel my kidneys explode I guess.

But this post is really about my dad. He lost something much more concerning. 40lbs. That is scary, especially considering it happened within a couple months, so he's going to the doctor soon to get it checked out. On the plus side, my old man is so skinny I may be able to finally take him on.

Seriously, some prayers directed towards us would be nice. I try not to obstruct the rule of diety nor the natural universe when I pray, but to gain the strength to accept things and experience as little pain as possible. So pray for those things, if you pray. But pray mostly for dad.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must soundly beat my squire for forgetting to groom my horse. I swear, the silly boy lives in some kind of fantasy world!