January 25, 2006

I'm big in Japan, or at least Tara

So I thought they would have gotten bored of me by now, but I'm still appearing on TV. Recently, I've been playing multiple roles in the English lessons. I appear and do a semi-comical yet formal introduction. It looks a lot like this guy (thanks to Mari for that link). Then I appear in the group that is replying to the exhortations to say English together. Today, I wore a plasic geisha wig* in my secondary role.
So I can't go anywhere without people shouting at me that they've seen me on TV. It's hard to respond. "Oh, really? Um, thanks for seeming so excited to have seen me?"

*: And to think, just a few months ago I saw an older comedian (Beat Takeshi maybe) wearing a dog-dish mask(?!) and thought to myself, I would never stoop so low for fame on Japanese TV. Well... in my defence, I did refuse to wear the silly thing in my primary role. I'm enough of a class clown to the kids as it is.