January 17, 2006

Express yourself

I know there is an artist in everyone waiting for an outlet. Check out these links for your inner child's sake.

First up: Pixel Tees. Make t-shirts a pixel at a time. Then buy them, sell them, or check out other people's shirts. As long as I'm mentioning unique clothes, I feel I should tell you about Low Tee, where every swim suit is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

What about the body as art? I recommend checking out The Hand Collector. Now I know it sounds like an 80's B-flick, but it's actually a cool project that collects pictures of palms with drawings on them. This seems like a Brit kind of thing to do. Do you ever read my blog anymore Brit? The blogosphere wishes you would visit more often.
Anyways, it reminded me of shakeskin, which is sadly not for those of us that have a fetish for 300 hundred pound women on trampolines. What? Don't judge me. I've linked to shakeskin before and I still need to get around to contributing my photo.

Finally, you should visit flipbook and do some doodling. The site is in serious need of some talented contributions, which is a shame, because it is such a cool idea. And you're safe from the nun when you doodle online, as opposed to the margins your text book from your private Catholic school days.