January 24, 2006

Oh and she fixed my special zombie-killing leather jacket too

T and I exchanged gifts tonight; kind of a belated Christmas. I gave her The Little Prince (translated into Japanese), and she gave me a Papaya Suzuki CD (the guy with the fro from the mayonaise post), which has the song with the lyrics, "I can read kanji, but I can't write them!" I love the song, because I identify. She also gave me something I unwrapped later. It seems like a mask, but it has no eye-holes, nor any other features, and a woman is painted, Ukyo-e style, on the inside. The guys at the yakitori shop didn't know what it was.
I did really good at speaking Japanese tonight. This ronin is learning. Speaking of which, the other night I fell asleep while watching MPD Psycho (a Takashi Miike miniseries), and woke up the next morning with Japanese stuck in my head. Unfortunately, I didn't quite know what I was saying to myself; random everyday colloquialisms and such just floated in. Well, it's progress of a sort.
Turns out the orphanage I volunteered at has a web page. Visit, and find a way to donate if you feel so inclined.