February 1, 2010

Classic Japanese Sega SG-1000 CMs

The SG-1000 never came to America, so I was ignorant of its existence until today, but it was a Atari-esque system made long ago. Here is a collection of Japanese language commercials for it. Ah, 80s cheese, how I love you. Oh an keep an ear cocked for the old Segaaaa jingoistic saying!

I'll keep an eye out for the SG-1000 the next time I go to Super Potato.


  1. Man, hearing the "Sega!" takes me back!!

  2. I forgot to mention that in the post! It's my favorite part. /blogfail

  3. I never knew this thing existed! It's neat to see their slogan tune has stayed the same all this time. Cool.


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