February 23, 2010

My Review of Chocolate Sparkling, with Mouth-breathing

So my boss was like, how often do you talk to your mom? I and my daughter in America talk three times a week.
And I was like... Uh, yeah, all the time. But it was a lie. I have the blog to communicate what is happening to me here, but I have fallen short of that duty of late and just posted funny commercials. Well no more waiting, parental units and other people that I guilt into reading. Here is a video staring me at long last. I talk about the awkwardness of trains and the amazingness of carbonated clear chocolate drinks. Watch. Gnash those teeth. Enjoy.

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  1. Ok so I guess that is you talking to me your mum! I grew up down the street from a dive drive-in and it was always a happy day for me when my mom would let me have a dime and I would go get a coke with chocolate syrup added...sometimes cherry but that chocolate was the thing! Why doesn't Coke sell that now, they sell cherry coke?
    Well, nice talking to you anyway!

  2. Your videos are hilarious!

    Thanks for giving me a new drink to try when I hit Japan in June.


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