February 22, 2010

Japanese Slang: Sagging Pants Kill Dreams

Olympic dreams that is. I don't watch sporting events, even the Olympics, but escaping news of the pants-sagging scandal was impossible if you live in Japan. In Japan, they call sagged pants 腰パン (koshi-pan) which is made from the words koshi (hip) and pan (pants). Another slang word for this, when it is unintentional, is ハミパン (hami-pan, from hamiwoderu [jut out of bounds] and pantie).

The scandal was centered around a snowboarder who--shock!-- looks like a snowboarder, named Kazuhiro Kokubo. He showed up at the airport with a loose tie and pants and Japan went into hyper-conservative spasms. Look at this shocking video, complete with his half-assed (see what I did there?) apology, "Hasei shima~su" (yeah, I'm totally reflecting on my actions). It got him bared from the opening ceremony later.

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  1. I enjoyed watching him faceplant in competition, cause I'm a bad person. But part of me wondered if those flipping out about him in Japan enjoyed it too...schadenfreude.

  2. Makes me wonder: what's the Japanese word for schadenfreude?

  3. 他人(ひと)の不幸は蜜の味

  4. Ahhh, I only just realised you're the person who wrote the piece about Rodger Swan on japanprobe.com

    I'm sure you know by now that I was a close friend of Rodg as I've been blogging about it. I just wanted to say sorry for correcting you in such a way about Kevin's name. That's Kevin O'Donnell, not Kevin Allen :) It sounds like I'm being snappy when I wasn't >.<

    But it was nice to see the tributes pop up everywhere. He touched the lives of people who didn't even know him in person. He'd say that was pretty "playboy".

    Anyway, I'm not sure if I said hi before, but hi, and yoroshiku! x

  5. I don't remember mentioning any Kevins except Cooney in that post...

    In any case I didn't see that comment, sorry. But it sounds like that was a good thing :p

    To re-rail these comments I will say sumimaaaaaseeeen

  6. heehee, I think you linked back to his blog where he wrote a tribute to Rodg... I just corrected the name :)

    It was nice to see posts about him anywhere at all, it's all good! Still can't believe it's been almost a month now :( I'm about to watch your video, I'm thinking about doing my own... get the Brits in on the vlog scene!

    Jen x

  7. What a laugh! Why is it that snowboarders have so much attitude!? Why is it that Japan would draw so much attention this!?

    Loved his apology.


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