February 2, 2010

Tiger Mask Fights the Flu!

Sign Breakdown:
top line: shingata infuruenza wo yobou shimashou= Let's prevent new (swine) flu
pic one: te wo arau= wash hands
pic two: ugai wo suru = gargle
pic three: masuku wo suru = wear a mask
pic four: yobou-sesshu wo suru= innoculate

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  1. hahaha great post! Oh the joy of Japanese signs! They are truly one of a kind! Tiger mask owns all!

    I love your blog! I will be coming to Japan in March, so I'll be following your blog with anticipation of my own adventures!

  2. Hi! Haha, it looks like you found me and my friend Jenn :)

    Where else in Niigata did you travel to? I actually got a phonecall this morning telling me that I'll be going to Agano instead. Do you know it? There is even less information on the internet than there is about Sanjo!

    Are you in Saitama at the moment? x

  3. No, I've no idea. Well that's dissapointing for mr in a way, but I'm sure you'll have fun anywhere you go.

  4. Oh NM, Agano is still in Niigata! Lucky you!

  5. The last sign says yobou-sesshu, not jizoku, 予防接種 【よぼうせっしゅ】which means immunization or vaccination. Otherwise keep up the good work.


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