August 13, 2005

Japanese barbecue

Okay, first I must rave about the new series of Dr. Who. I love it. Example scene:
The last human, "And now, as we watch the earth die, let us listen to an Earth classic befitting of this momentous occasion." A jukebox starts to play Toxic by Britney Spears.

And the daleks! They are actually intimidating. I'm tickled that they are in the series. "Ha! The mighty alien is stopped by a staircase." The dalak starts to fly. "Oh, crap! What's it doing?!"

Also, as far as shows go, I am enjoying Full Metal Alchemist and Dragonball Z in the original Japanese each day. Back when I drew this, some people complained that it looked like a mix of the two.
Today I joined a family that knew almost no English for a barbeque. It was a trial for sure. At one point I was eating chicken neck wrapped in nori and dipped in mayonase. But I enjoyed it and most of the food was really good. The best way to anything grilled in Japan seems to be with mayo. Redeemed the squid. Dang, those Japanese eat a lot. I find it hard to keep up.
After dark, we lit fireworks. I impressed them all by holding a bottle rocket in my hand as it went off.
Oh and finally, I was challenged to arm wrestling. I lost to the son of the guy I work with, but beat the father. I wasn't sure if I should have lost on purpose to help him save face. I hope not. I hope they enjoyed my presence and that my manners didn't seem barbaric. Really fun.