August 20, 2005

that's just dandy

Metrosexuals stuck in Japan, rejoice! You now have Dandy-house to take care of you. Who taught a Japanese person the 19th century meaning of the word dandy anyways?

Anyhoo, I never thought I would say this, but I am in desperate need of foot lotion. Your body changes when you move to a different climate it seems. The Japanese have a very diffent concept of lotion from what I've seen thus far at the drug store.
Beat Takeshi is some sort of supernaturally omnipresent actor. He's the old guy in such films as Sontanine, Battle Royale, Zatoichi and the movie I saw last night: Izo. Also, I should point out that Izo was directed by Takeshi Miike, who's name you will know as the greatest/most prolific director in modern day Japan. Izo is confusing to say the least. I think it was a movie along the lines of Suicide Club, about how Japan is destroying itself.

Right now I'm watching a movie about a desperate criminal being pursued by a drugged-up 7-11 clerk and a Yakuza. Tre funny. A quick internet search helped me find the title: Non stop.
Click the link to see today's pics:

I gave my coke an origami-samurai helmet

A blinged-out... tricycle?

A dead weasel I think? Never seen this animal before. When I photographed it, I realized there where two women staring at me. Probably thinking Crazy foreigner is morbid.

Look at the board there. Then tell me I don't have every right to complain that Japanese language is hard. The teacher is in the act of throwing a chalk-board marker at me for getting a question wrong.

?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??