August 17, 2005

So many stories, so little time

The preview for this movie, oddly enough, reminds me of my time in Japan thus far.
Today, language lessons. Then uncouth attempts from your quiet protagonist to be social. The lessons were bad and awkward; the socializing considerably much less so.
We ended up at a rugby-themed bar. I had walnut-curry on rice. Very good, but quite expensive.
People who come to Japan... we all have our reasons. We all have a story. Take the Irish bloke. He's a former P.h. D. candidate that worked with optical physics. Owned his own business. Decided, sod it. I'd rather go to Japan than be a working stiff!
Or New Jersey Jew, a vegetarian who is much more interested in Eastern religions than that of his forbearers.
Then there is I. When I told them that I was an Art baccalaureate who has drawn 300 hundred comics, Jersey Jew said, "I knew we all had stories. We're all crazy!"
In good company. But I had to catch a train, so I said my goodbyes, payed and got photographed by the barkeep, and ran to the station.

I wonder how many random Japanese people now have pictures with me in them. It's probably a large number.