August 2, 2005

Some pics

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance, er, look at pics... Click on any to zoom.

I myself am having trouble sacrificing Coca-Cola, but dang, its like the only cold drink available here at a reasonable price :) and look at the size of that can!

Did you know that the statue of liberty is called the "freedom goddess" in Japanese? This one greeted me at the airport.

Views of a small shrine in town.

This is a view of the ocean inlet that boarders the town. The water is not very good for swimming, but I may try wake boarding...

This is a pic I took during the typhoon in Tokyo.

Japanese satellite TV!

My tiny kitchen complete with tacky statues my predecessor left behind... You will notice more in the bathroom pic...

There are about 13 spiders in this bush. Pests are omnipresent.

Toilets in this country often have a sink that runs when you flush. Is this water clean?! You ask yourself the first time you try it.

This girl was not supposed to be in the picture; I was looking at the mountains behind her as I rode the train. So here you see a high school girl freaking out because the baka gaijin is taking her pic.

Most nervous smile I've ever seen.

This rice field is about as big as they get in my so-called rural area. About one acre.

This diagram says, "You would not fart with out looking would you? So why not blow your smoke?" Yeah, the next time I'm on the train I'm gonna take a better pic and send that one to

It's one of those big-balled good luck raccoons that Laura requested to see. They are indeed everywhere. This one at least had the good sense to hide behind a bush ;)