August 28, 2005

New look for a new country

Woot. I seem to have the new site layout working. Probably best to view it on Mozilla though. I love having graphic-designer training. Please, email me if you are having problems viewing it (be sure to let me know your browser).
So I thought today would be a good day to share Brad Pitt with you. Not the Pitt you know, but rather the Japanese Brad Pitt. He's pretty famous over here, and almost synonymous with Americans it seems. Besides his constant appearances in random places like this manga, I found he stared in a lot of Japanese jeans commercials. In one example, he messed up the simple line "Go Maru San" (lit. five zero three) and inadvertantly started a fad among Japanese youth where everyone started saying Mari instead of Maru. Then Brad dealt with the fallout in this commercial. You can see tons of his and other celebrities' secret commercials here.