August 9, 2005

Only in Japan

First: Tragedy...
I met a very nice and pretty girl today. She even speaks fairly good English, making it quite possible to hang out with her. I don't know that dating would be possible though, because she is older than me (29), and while I don't care*, that is reportedly a big deal over here.

*:For heaven's sake, she still looks like a teenager!
I conjecture that only in Japan will you find a garbage center where women handle the garbage right alongside men. I also think that only in Japan will said garbage handlers bring your group some cold Pocari Sweat to drink. And I also think that only in Japan do they give away brown liquid at the garbage center that is for bathing in. I'm not sure what it was, but it is filled with micro-organisms (according to the printout they gave me), and it was free.
Japan is a unique place; I'm reminded of that fact every day.
Hey fans of Suicide Club, this is the address of the bbs that the bat posted on in the movie, it really works; too bad the dots address doesn't (though I did find this substitute).

Here's some pics

A laserdisk player? A jumbo-CD player? I have no idea. You know, they still sold betta-video players in this country until about a year ago.

Me at work posing in a scary mask with the guy that made them. Legend has it, the residents of Tara-cho long ago protected themselves against invaders with these masks.

This is the first restaurant meal I've had (besides the nice deliveries by a lady at lunch) since I came to Tara-cho. In addition, I ordered it myself (went to the restaurant alone and everything); just wish I knew how to ask for in the cold, summer style. Still, oishii yo. The noodles are called Udon.