August 26, 2005

Japanese humor

JP:Clay, there is spider on your head.
You got me, man
Just one day after the train post, I must hang my head in shame for missreading the train scheduals, but some nihonjin helped. When I got onto the right train, the conductor was like, "Ah, you're the baka gaijin that's causing all the trouble. Here's some explicit instructions."
Photo dump
Japanese-style morning calestenics at the recent meeting of Jets. The lovely Mel is laughing too hard to participate.

Train too crowded for surfing ala last post.

Amusing pic of bikes parked around the no bikes sign.
As long as I'm mentioning the last post, people were wondering as to the origin of the fish head song. I found that the song was played by Barnes & Barnes.
Note: This is said to be the most requested song on the Dr. Demento program.
Note: One of the members of this duo is Bill Mumy, actor on the old "Lost in Space" and the current "Babylon 5" television series.