May 7, 2006

Asian girls

I spent the better part of golden week in the company of several Asian American JETs, as well as with my new, native Nipponese girlfriend. Things were interesting; girls are usually much more chill to hang out with than guys of course. I learned that Asian Americans don't get a lot of my cultural refrences and jokes. One of them explained to me that this is because they are raised differently though they are in the same country. So things like Johnny Cash are a mystery to them, but I am sure they have things I am ignorant of as well. It kind of opened my eyes to a little world I never knew existed right in my home country.
As for the girlfriend thing: no questions are allowed. Not even by mum. Just know that she is funny, and pretty good at English, and we have agreed to sustain certain values that I have brought into the relationship, and her support in that was really refreshing. In return, I won't complain that she refuses kisses in public ("No! We can't do that here! This is Japan!").