May 12, 2006

Pics! And I went crazy wild with the strike through joke this time.

Lots of pics today, but none of them are of the gf. Sorry, maybe later. Pics of camping and pottery festivals and misc. Clay time exists. Oh, and since the aforementioned deadline has passed, I can show you my real logo (that picture above). Much better, ne? I think I actually have a chance at winning an art related contest, which would be my first art contest win since my controversial 6th grade winning of the CFD poster contest.
So anyways, I went camping for three days with my junior high kids. It was more like being at a small city that happens to be at a high altitude than camping, but still. The kids did a show at one of the campfires, and I actually understood a manzai joke for once!Expand the post to see all the photos.

View of the fog-enshrouded resort campground. The place was a huge complex. It seemed a very cool place to be if when the zombies come. I mentioned to a teacher that I wanted to walk around the buildings in the fog that night. I figured he wouldn't understand that I like spooky places, so I just said fog is refreshing. Which it is. Visibility was at like 30 feet.
This post expands at this point...

About to cook our curry and rice.

The weather cleared up for about a day.

Who taught these kids Indian poker? Actually, they were playing a war-like card game, and the not-looking-at-one's-card element was completely unnecessary. I am so disowning proud of them ;)

I think I see three travesties of language here.

Did I mention I'm proud of them?

Here I made a wish-board-thing (no English word for it). I painted 夢 (dream) on mine. Crudely.

Inside a kiln/cafe

Some video-game accessories and a D12... at least that's what I thought when I saw it.

Mr. Former student of mine thought he could take a stealth keitai pic on the train. So I sauntered up and let him know he wasn't as ninja-like as he thought.

Hard gay is still around. It's amazing. And now he has a partner.

I had a kid. Did I forget to mention that I'm pregnant again?

A clean shaven Clay is a rare site. Thanks to the barber that decided to shave me without asking.

If I study these tiles, I will become a great sumo wrestler.