May 31, 2006

You win this round, Japan

"You win this round, Japan." One can often hear me muttering it to myself, usually when I see what is for lunch. Recently, I've had to say it repeatedly while dealing with the Japanese DMV. They are notorious for not passing foreigners (racism), but I can't even get that far yet; I lack certain documents, and when I produce them, they say, "Oh we need more, and not the ones we said at all."
So yes, I say it a lot. And yet I like this place? Why? I think it is mostly because it appeals to my sense of aesthetics. The paradise I envisioned for quiet people such as myself doesn't exist for foreigners (i.e. no one will let me just sit and be myself--I'm always expected to be "on"), but moss, temples, the sea, and the mountains all seem to make up for it. Those things, and six year olds feeling my whiskers and shouting, "Kimochi!" (feels good!).
Oh and one aside: Today was apparently my birthday. At least that's what Tan told Lisa or something. So thanks for the "happy birthday" announcement, Lisa. But no presents?!