June 1, 2006

A request to you, my quiet readers

The request will come in a sec, but first, as usual when dealing with Clay, you will get a little story. Then maybe you will get an idea of how my mind works, which reminds me that I once said to Rachel, "I'm not really that random, and you would see so if you could follow my 'seven-degrees of Kevin Baconesque' mind set." Confused yet? Anyways...
I've discovered some really interesting audio study aids for Japanese lately. Today, I found Japanese101. In addition to being a good study aid, it is a hilarious podcast. These people have chemistry that makes studying fun. So check it out, especially if you have an interest in learning Japanese. BTW-- I had another subpiphany today. By subpiphany, I mean I realized I was suddenly just that much more better at Japanese. It's strange to notice this sort of thing. "Wait, I can understand the conversations better today!"
You can find more good study aids in my links to the right; I use them all day between classes to study.

And on to the request. I think I have a lot of readers that don't comment. While I don't have a problem with this persay, it's somehow disturbing. It's like you feel like you are being watched. You know someone is around the corner back there, but you don't know who. So, my request is simple: If you read this blog, take the time to comment and tell me who you are. While you are doing that, let me know if you find it boring when I blog about Japanese studying (see the connection now?), or what you would like me to blog about more often.
Also, while your there, try to give a guess as to what movie is featured in the photo up there.
This request goes double for the people that live in Saga. It's not hard, click the comments link and write your name. Pretty please.