June 20, 2006

The mystery of the Tara crab men

So this is one of my photodumps, but I have a creepy mystery for you too. A couple weeks back, me and the girlfriend were driving through the dark, coming back from the equivilent of Tara-town's own Joe's Crab Shack, when we spotted a guy. Now the odd thing about this guy was, well, he was lowering himself into the space between the road and a bridge/walkway. His back was to us, and as we watched he dissapeared to an unknown fate below! We both went, "こわい!" (scary) at the time, but we rationalized that it only looked like he was jumping into a casm and possibly commiting suicide. Also the news around town didn't mention any suicides. But I wasn't sure, so I went back in the daylight. The photo clearly shows that there are no stairs nor a ladder, and the straight drop is like 20 to 30 feet. So even if he had, say, a boat waiting below, it would be a risky drop to say the least.
That is, if he was human. But what if he's not? What if he is fact a member of a secret race of crab men? Think about it. Tara is full of crabs. Crabs have exoskeletons, therefore they can fall great heights. So I think the only rational explanation is that he was a crab man dropping back into his normal habitat. He probably came out to feed on the flesh of humans.
Crab man gonna getcha.

So anyways, there are more photos after the jump to an expanded post.

Face-hands amuse the Japanese to no limit.

This guy liked photographing his cute son.

Meg Ryan's uh... unique smile was a landmark we used to coordinate meetings in Kobe.

Tricks with sticks at a Takeo show. You'll have to zoom this one.

Family shrine deep in the mountains. I sure suprised the family by showing up.

Aforementioned walls of happiness.

View of Kobe.

Inside a 4 star hotel.